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Once in a while, when i chance upon an easy way to earn some petty cash, i will share it with everyone. Take for example, the Paypal wishlist [link] I believe most of those that i have listed out would already have earned $100. The promotion has already ended (31st Dec 2009) so no point spreading the links anymore. Be ready to cash out your money no latest by 28th Feb 2010.

Now, many of you may have noticed that my links to the games or downloads will have a 15sec advert loading before linking you to the actual site. This is what I am going to share today. By registering an account with Linkbucks, you can make money with your links.

Want to send a link to your friend? Convert it into a Linkbucks link before linking it to your friend as you will earn some money. It's not alot but it's easy and free and by accumulating, you can probably earn a substantial amount eventually. Minimum amount to cash out is only $5 so as long as you hit $5, you get the cash in your paypal account! It's that simple :) You probably only get a few cents with every hundred clicks though so I would say just persevere and you will be rewarded.

Just register an account today by clicking on this Linkbucks or the banner below, and start converting your links to cash.  Hope this helps! I'm a student too so I know how difficult it is to study and spend :p

:: Register an account with Linkbucks ::

Steps on converting Links into Cash:
  1. Register an account with linkbucks (click the banner above)
  2. Once account is activated, click 'Create Links'
  3. Click 'Single Link' if you are only converting one link
  4. Link to convert: paste your actual link.
  5. Landing page content is: Select clean
  6. Ad Type: Select intermission
  7. Alias URL: Select any, all is the same
  8. Click generate link and copy out the new linkbucks link. Now you can use this link on your email, forums, blogs, or instant messaging.   
Note: You can earn more if the people clicking on the links are from the USA or Canada. 

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