PayPay Wishilist Pays!

To all my early readers/supporters, check your Paypal/email now and you should be able to see that they have sent the money! Don't forget this promotion was only applicable to residents of India, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia or Singapore.

I sincerely hope that this site has helped you earned a few bucks or if you are one of the lucky few to have your link posted, you should probably earn $100 too. I believe many of my mods got their $100! =p If you do not know how to spend the money, feel free to donate to me =p hahaa just kidding! =D

Don't worry if the money has not appeared in your paypal account. You should be paid no later than 28th Feb. Be patient! :)

This post is in reference to: Paypal Wishlist

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