Petville // Bubble Game AutoBot

This tool works really great and you can let it run for hours (or at least till your pet has no more energy :p)
Credits: phoenixri@free2sw4u

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • SCAR (downloadClean
    Filename: SCAR322setup.exe
    Scan finished. 0 out of 21 scanners reported malware.
    Scan taken on:  Thu 12 Nov 2009 02:44:10 (CET) Permalink

  • firefox 

  1. Download SCAR and extract the entire folder to your desktop.
  2. Install SCAR322setup.exe
  3. Launch the application SCAR and click File > Open
  4. Select "Bubble Game(Color).scar which is located in the folder that you have extracted
  5. Go into Petville (click to play)
  6. Go to World > BubblePop Games
  7. In SCAR, you will see this 'target' icon.
    Drag this icon to your Petville screen. The entire Petville game should have a red border to show that it is selected.
  8. Click Play or Ctrl+Alt+R
  9. To stop the script, hold Ctrl+Alt+S  <- Important to remember or don't blame me if you cant stop your script
  10. Just run the script and it will keep playing the game until you have no more energy. Easy coins!

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