iPhone 3GS

Finally got a new handphone today! =D
My previous handphone had been giving me problems for a couple of months and the battery life kinda drains away quick so why not splurge a bit on an iPhone 3GS (in white!). The phone is great due to the zillions of applications out there where you can easily download to your phone via iTunes or App Store. Will be able to check on my mails and this site more frequently now i guess as my mobile plan comes with a 12GB data access.

For iPhone users out there! Let's hope geohot gets started on blackra1n RC4! So we can transform our handphone into a true-blue palm-mac. I will probably released a step by step guide for new iPhone users who wants to jailbreak their phone without having to re-jailbreak everytime the phone is switched off. Off to play with my new phone \o/ Share the good apps with fellow iphone users!  

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