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Working as at 26Jan
Credits: HanyarL@R2O

This cheat is the old way of getting the golden chicken for free only that we are now using Charles to edit the FVcash instead of cheat engine. Remember, only the chicken saves, the FVcash will not be saved upon refresh. And spend all your FVcash before using this cheat or ensure it is below 25. This ensures that you will not be using your own FVcash to buy the chicken but the generated FVcash.
I will not be responsible if you fail to read this and you accidentally spent your own FVcash.

Steps are long so kindly follow closely or it may not work for you.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles 3.4.1
  • Firefox

  1. Play Farmville (click to play Wait 15secs or click skip) 
  2. Open Charles
  3. You should have 1 chicken coop (to put your golden chicken duhs) and 2 Dairy Farm (to activate the collect milk glitch) in your farm.
  4. Let's call it Dairy Farm A and Dairy Farm B
  5. Dairy Farm A will have 2 cows. Dairy Farm B will have 0 cows. Now transfer 1 cow from A over to B. Now A has 1 cow and B has 1 cow. 
  6. Check your Charles, you willl see the url ''  (or or
  7. Expand the url and you should see a few 'gateway.php'
  8. Right click the top 'gateway.php' and select "Breakpoints"
  9. Now, refresh Farmville. The loading should freeze and Charles will have a Breakpoint tab appear
  10. Click Execute in the Breakpoint tab (bottom right). 
  11. An 'Edit Response' tab will appear.
  12. Click AMF and expand 'data', expand 'userinfo', expand 'player' 
  13. You should see 'cash' and the current value (which should be below 25!! If not spend it now!!)
  14. Change the value to 100
  15. Click on the Session Tab and right click the gateway.php and remove the Breakpoints
  16. Click on the Breakpoint Tab and click Execute
  17. Farmville will now continue loading. You should also have 100 FVcash (will not remain after refresh! only golden chicken!)
  18. Now, click on the Dairy Farm with 2 cows and transfer 1 cow over to the other Dairy Farm. Both dairy farm should now have 1 cow each.
  19. Go visit a friend's farm then return back to your own farm.
  20. The dairy farm should now have a Pink Diamond above it, indicating that you can harvest milk.
  21. Send your farmer far away from the Dairy Farm with the pink diamond.
  22. Click "Collect Milk' on the farm with the pink diamon.
  23. While the farmer is walking over, quickly go to Market and buy a golden chicken
  24. Now wait till the milk harvesting is 100%, immediately click the golden chicken into the chicken coop.
  25. Wait for insync error to pop-up, click Accept and the game will refresh
  26. Golden Chicken is saved!

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