Pet Society // Earn coins with every click

Cheat by: Trucoteca

Warning: You only one coin each click which is better than playing without cheats where you only get 1 coin per 6 clicks. As ultimate, you are getting six times the coins than if you play legit.  Do the maths, kthx.

But still, this cheat is obviously not as good as the good old cheats where we can earn thousands of coins easily. But it's still better than playing without cheats and it's fairly simple to set up, so don't complain If you find it a hassle, nobody is forcing you to use it.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine 
  • firefox
  1. Go into Pet Society (click to play)
  2. Open cheat engine (tick hex, value: array of bytes, ASROM)
  3. In PS, play frisbee or ball. 
  4. Scan "83C0018BD18B4F548975F08945F48D" in cheat engine
  5. Only 1 address found. Right click > Disassemble memory region
  6. You will see the line "add eax,01"
  7. Change it to "add eax,00" 
  8. Go back to play Frisbee. You will now get 1 coin for every success click. This is still 6 times better than playing without cheat, so don't complain. Like i said, no 1 is forcing you to use it. 


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