Ponzi, Inc // Coins cheat (working as at 17jan)

Credits: yama@free2sw4u

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • charles 3.4.1
  • firefox
  1. Open Ponzi, Inc (click to play)
  2. Open Charles
  3. Do a job (1 minute job)
  4. Wait till it is done and collect the pay. 
  5. In Charles, you should see the url "http://ponzi.fbgames.com"
  6. Expand it to see "jobs/" which will have "perform/" and "complete/"
  7. You should see a line which looks like this "1.xml?gb_sig_in_iframe=........" 
  8. Select both lines which can be found in "perform" and "complete"
  9. After selecting both lines, right click and select "Repeat Advanced"
  10. 10,000 iterations and 5 concurrency. Upon game refresh, you will see your new coins. 

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